March Wrap Up

The princess saves herself in this one – I absolutely loved this poetry collection! It was so powerful and I’ve told so many people about them since. Some people don’t like this new style modern poetry but it’s making poetry so much more accessible.

Class A – Another Cherub book, there isn’t much to say about these other than they’re great and I wish I had been a child spy!

The Bad Beginning – The first Series of Unfortunate events book. The new Netflix series inspired me to rediscover my love of this series!

I’m currently reading The Shadow of the Wind and absolutely loving it. March has been a crazy month and I’ve really struggled to make time to read.

However, there is hope, I’m going on holiday on Monday and I’m hoping to get a tonne of reading done while relaxing by the pool!



Wednesday #4 – Cooking and Cleaning

I’m not going to bore you with the details of my afternoon of cleaning but i will tell you (and hopefully not bore you) with what I’ve been cooking up.

If you read last weeks post then you’ll know that today is Fajita Wednesday. Last week I experimented with making my own fajita mix using a recipe from rachelcooks which turned out really well. I also made my own guacamole and salsa.

This week I made my own doughballs with garlic and herb butter using the Mary Berry cook book I treated myself to. It’s a gorgeous book with a tonne of recipes I can’t wait to try out!



The Banging Book Club

I love books, I also love talking about sex. So the banging book club is the perfect thing for me.

Every month Leena, Lucy and Hannah read a book about sex and review it in a podcast, this year they’ve also started doing ‘minisodes’ in between the full podcasts.

These woman are hilarious, interesting and intelligent and I love hearing their opinions on the books they read even if I haven’t read the book. In fact I listen to every podcast they put up even if I have no intention of ever reading the book.

Because of them I’ve read The Vagina Monologues, Asking For It and this month I’m going to read Perv.

I feel like The Banging Book Club will either be perfect for you or exactly what you don’t want. If it sounds like something you would enjoy show the ladies some love, they deserve as many listens as possible!


Saturday #4 – Glasgow

Saturday was a good one. The weather was blooming lovely. And when the sunshines Scotland goes mad!

I started off with Child Protection training. Which was pretty pointless and boring but we did get bacon rolls and it only lasted a couple of hours.

Then I had lunch with some of my friends, bought tonnes of flowers to decorate my house and then headed into Glasgow to see old university friends.

We spent the day in beer gardens around Glasgow and it was so nice to see them again.

All the pubs we went to were so lovely I cannot recommend them enough.

Inn Deep – this pub is so sweet, it’s set into the arches beneath Kelvinbridge and it’s a really nice spot to chill out and have a pint.

Brel Bar – this one is found on Ashton Lane but it’s a total winner. It has a slightly precarious beer garden in the form of a grassy hill which isn’t ideal when the people behind you spill beer but other than that it’s a really nice place.

Hillhead Bookclub – this is probably my favourite pub in Glasgow, it has a ping pong table and table football and the whole atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly. Plus there is an abundance of fairy lights outside which is always a winner!

Oran Mor – a converted church that’s now a pub and it’s absolutely beautiful inside.

Waxy O’Connor – if the Green Dragon from the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings was a pub in Glasgow this would be it. It’s on different levels and it’s a bit like a maze, especially after a few drinks!



What I’ve Watched #4


The Imitation Game – I finally got round to watching this one and really enjoyed it. Well worth a watch.


Iron Fist – I can’t say i was massively into this but considering Marvel shows aren’t really my thing it was pretty good.


13th – this explores the history of racial inequality in America and it’s absolutely brilliant.

The White Helmets – this documentary won best documentary short subject at the Oscars this year and you can tell why. It’s about the group of volunteers who save people from the destruction caused by bombs being dropped in Syria.


Leena Norms – justkissmyfrog – the same as last week and the week before. She’s one of the few youtubers I make the effort to watch no matter what time I go to bed at.



Abba’s Child – The Book Review

Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning. I read this book in February and in all honesty it’s probably going to change my life.

I use the future tense because while it has given me a huge about to think about until I actually act on these thoughts nothing has really changed other than my awareness that something needs to.

The tag line for this book pretty much says it all “The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging”.

As a Christian I am told that I am a child of God. A beloved child of God, with whom he is well pleased. God wants an intimate relationship with me.

If you read that last passage and were able to nod and say yes yes I believe, accept and feel all those things then please email me and tell me how.

It exposes the imposter within us all. The imposter being the false self we create in order to get through life but which then mixes with our real selves until we don’t really know who we are.

This book is inexplicable in that every person who reads it will take something different away from it.

For me the part which hit me the most was this idea of running into the arms of the father. That my reaction to stress, panic, illness etc should be to allow myself to be safe in the embrace of God. And right now I don’t think that’s something I know how to do or am sure if I want to do.


As you can see by my rather battered copy I marked ALOT of pages to come back to. And maybe once I do the ‘come back to’ part things will be clearer. I’ll let you know.

Maybe you’ve read this post as a non-christian and have no interest in this book. That’s totally fine, I would ask that you have a look at yourself and think about how often you are 100% yourself and how often it’s the ‘imposter’ that you’ve felt you had to create to get through life. And then take a minute to try and accept the fact that you as you are enough. We don’t need more fake people in this world. We don’t need more people appearing perfect. We need real people standing up and doing their part and admitting when they find it hard.

If you’ve read this as a Christian (or non-Christian who’s interested) then I beg you, read this book. It might break you in two but it will also build you back up.


Wednesday #3 -Fajita Wednesdays

Wednesdays for me mean two things. It’s my day off AND it’s fajita Wednesdays.

I’m guessing you all know the general concept of a day off so I’ll leave that one unexplained but fajitas Wednesdays are worth talking about.

Today was the 5th fajita Wednesday. And I honestly think it might be changing my life.

My friends finish work at around 9:30pm so we usually eat by the very reasonable time of 10:30pm.

We all sit around the table and eat together, something that very rarely happens and it’s great.

I read this article just after we started Fajita night and this quote really stood out to me as why eating around the table is so valuable.

“I’ve learned that the table is a powerful symbol of a world put right. At the table you look people in the eyes. The surface of the table is level. It creates an environment whereby you reach your hands into the same pot, take from the same food, to sustain your lives in the same way. It’s a levelling act. You have come in need of the same thing, and you get that need met by performing the same actions at the same time. All while facing each other, in the flesh; skin and bones – real humans on real journeys.”

After eating we do a bible study. But we do it our way. We are currently working on the book of Mark. Each week we read a chapter and then see if there are any bits that jump out at us. Sometimes we have lots to say and sometimes we don’t. And either way is okay.

This is my church and I love it.