What I’ve Watched – Week 1

I have a Cineworld unlimited card. I like YouTube. I like documentaries. I like a movie night.

Basically I watch a lot of ‘stuff’.

So I’m going to do some of the hard work for you and give you the run down of the best (and the worst) films, documentaries and tv shows I’ve watched in any particular week.


Logan – this wasn’t as good as I was hoping it was going to be but it’s still well worth a watch.

John Wick: Chapter 2 – this wasn’t a film I had any interest in going to see (I hadn’t even known there was a John Wick 1) but I actually enjoyed it. Some gruesome deaths, great cinematography and a decidedly average plot.


Call The Midwife – I have no negative things to say about Call the Midwife. I love it. If you’ve never watched it give it a go. The first few series are on Netflix.

The Oscars – Yes, I am one of the idiots who stayed up on Sunday night until 5:30am to watch the Oscars live despite having work at 9:30am. I love the comradery involved in a group of friends fighting to stay awake plus because I have a cineworld card I had managed to see a good number of the films up for awards.


Young and Sterile: My Choice – this is on BBC iplayer and is well worth a watch, should young adults who decide they never want children be allowed to be sterilised on the NHS despite their age?


doddleoddle – Someone in the crowd – with friends

Justkissmyfrog – [a poem about my body]

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