Wednesday #1 – Domesticated

The excitement never ends at casa de Katherine. The inevitable day came where I had no choice but to use my day off to do all things domesticy so that I could continue to look like a functioning adult.

Dishes were done, worktops were cleared, bins were emptied, floors were swept, washing was done, clothes were hung out, dinner was cooked and so on and so on.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of my cleaning day, I do however want to talk about dinner.

For the third week in a row three of my friends have come round for dinner on a Wednesday night. All three of them run youth groups on a Wednesday night so when I say they come over at night I literally mean they usually get to my house around 10pm and then we eat dinner together. Now as a group of friends we spend alot of time together, but Wednesdays are different.

On a Wednesday we pull out my old second hand table and we push all the sofa’s to the side and eat at the table.

A guy called Ryan Cook wrote a blog post about how for two and a half years he opened his house up on Monday evenings for anyone who wanted to come and be fed. While that is nothing like what we are doing on a Wednesday night what he said about the table still fits..

“I’ve learned that the table is a powerful symbol of a world put right. At the table you look people in the eyes. The surface of the table is level. It creates an environment whereby you reach your hands into the same pot, take from the same food, to sustain your lives in the same way. It’s a levelling act. You have come in need of the same thing, and you get that need met by performing the same actions at the same time. All while facing each other, in the flesh; skin and bones – real humans on real journeys.”



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