Goodbye Bedroom Window.

In December I moved out of my parents house (again) and good grief was I ready to move out. It’s now been nearly 3 months since I moved out so the inevitable thing is happening where I start to remember more of the good times. Previously my focus has been on the annoying niggles that I’m so glad to be rid of and the love of having my own space but the positives are starting to creep in now.

One of the biggest, all be it simplest, things I miss is the view from my bedroom window.

90% of the time the view was boring but then every so often there would be a spectacular sunset and my room had a front seat view to it.

So this post is going to be a goodbye. To my old bedroom window and the sunsets I saw there. I’m going to move on now. And find a new place to see sunsets from.



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