I like to think of myself as a relatively organised person. I have a filofax and a bullet journal and when I use them right it works. The problem is, I’ve got out of the habit of actually using them.

So this is me, getting back in the zone.

How should it work?

I have a old battered filofax from paperchase which I carry around with me everywhere and update on the go when new dates are given to me. It is for shopping lists, addresses, forward planning.

I also have a bullet journal which I use every day to set out my month and day’s with to do’s

Every morning or evening I should set up the next day in my bullet journal and transfer any new editions from my filofax into my bullet journal.

How is it working right now?

I have a filofax that sits on my desk.

I have a bullet journal that I update when I remember.

Things start to fall through the cracks or I double book myself.

What needs to change?

Aside from actually using my filofax and bullet journal I think I need to integrate an online calendar of some description for the days I don’t have my filofax with me. I cannot depends on online though because it’s only when I physically write things down that I actually remember them.


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