The Vagina Monolgues – Book Review

I wish I wish I wish I could see this as it is intended to be seen. Performed as a series of monologues. I loved the book but I can only imagine how powerful it would be as a performance. It begs to be read aloud.

I read this book because of The Banging Book Club which I will be talking about in another post because I love it so darn much. I don’t think I would have even thought about picking it up if it wasn’t for Leena, Hannah and Lucy.

Some of the monologues didn’t speak to me and some of them did.

I think the powerful thing about this book is that it isn’t just Eve Ensler’s words. It’s the words of the woman she interviewed. The words of the everyday women.

I’ll definitely read this again and I’ll definitely suggest other people read it. If only so I can discuss it with them. I did have quite a good time reading it out loud to some of male friends (they coped quite well), it’s a book designed to be pronounced out loud and proud.

I don’t know how to sum up my feelings for this book. I think to do it true justice I would have to talk about each monologue separately and I don’t think anyone would thank me for that! (if you do want to discuss each chapter individually get in touch!)


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