Saturday #3 – I’m broke

Saturday was a bit of a write off.

I worked in the morning and then my friends cooked brunch and then I spent the rest of the day sitting on the couch bolt upright because somehow I’ve completely busted up my back. Fun fun!

On the upside we had a ridiculously good brunch – lorne sausage, bacon, eggs and all!

My absolute gem of a friend Kieran cleaned my kitchen for me and then kept me company while I felt sorry for myself!

It’s when you’re ill and in a grumpy mood that you find out who you’re real friends are!

P.S. A rant. So today at Tesco collecting food for the giant breakfast extravaganza I with my broken back lifted the bag of shopping from the checkout felt pain went “nope, not happening” and handed it to my friend who happened to be a male. The checkout person looked at me and went “good for you love, just right”. And that made me SO MAD. Like I was just handing him the bag because I’m a girl so I shouldn’t carry the bag, NAW. It made me want to ignore the pain and carry the bag regardless, which incidentally would have been stupid but still! Eurgh! Rant over.


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