Wednesday #3 -Fajita Wednesdays

Wednesdays for me mean two things. It’s my day off AND it’s fajita Wednesdays.

I’m guessing you all know the general concept of a day off so I’ll leave that one unexplained but fajitas Wednesdays are worth talking about.

Today was the 5th fajita Wednesday. And I honestly think it might be changing my life.

My friends finish work at around 9:30pm so we usually eat by the very reasonable time of 10:30pm.

We all sit around the table and eat together, something that very rarely happens and it’s great.

I read this article just after we started Fajita night and this quote really stood out to me as why eating around the table is so valuable.

“I’ve learned that the table is a powerful symbol of a world put right. At the table you look people in the eyes. The surface of the table is level. It creates an environment whereby you reach your hands into the same pot, take from the same food, to sustain your lives in the same way. It’s a levelling act. You have come in need of the same thing, and you get that need met by performing the same actions at the same time. All while facing each other, in the flesh; skin and bones – real humans on real journeys.”

After eating we do a bible study. But we do it our way. We are currently working on the book of Mark. Each week we read a chapter and then see if there are any bits that jump out at us. Sometimes we have lots to say and sometimes we don’t. And either way is okay.

This is my church and I love it.


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