Saturday #4 – Glasgow

Saturday was a good one. The weather was blooming lovely. And when the sunshines Scotland goes mad!

I started off with Child Protection training. Which was pretty pointless and boring but we did get bacon rolls and it only lasted a couple of hours.

Then I had lunch with some of my friends, bought tonnes of flowers to decorate my house and then headed into Glasgow to see old university friends.

We spent the day in beer gardens around Glasgow and it was so nice to see them again.

All the pubs we went to were so lovely I cannot recommend them enough.

Inn Deep – this pub is so sweet, it’s set into the arches beneath Kelvinbridge and it’s a really nice spot to chill out and have a pint.

Brel Bar – this one is found on Ashton Lane but it’s a total winner. It has a slightly precarious beer garden in the form of a grassy hill which isn’t ideal when the people behind you spill beer but other than that it’s a really nice place.

Hillhead Bookclub – this is probably my favourite pub in Glasgow, it has a ping pong table and table football and the whole atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly. Plus there is an abundance of fairy lights outside which is always a winner!

Oran Mor – a converted church that’s now a pub and it’s absolutely beautiful inside.

Waxy O’Connor – if the Green Dragon from the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings was a pub in Glasgow this would be it. It’s on different levels and it’s a bit like a maze, especially after a few drinks!



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