The Princess Saves Herself In This One

As mentioned in my March Wrap Up post I recently read, and adored, this poetry collection by Amanda Lovelace.

The collection is split up into four sections. The princess, the damsel, the queen and you.

It’s an incredibly powerful collection. It’s some of the most emotionally yet accessible poetry I’ve ever read.

I’ve seen lots of reviews hating on this poetry because it’s very spaced out so there are only a couple of word on each line and because the poems are so short but I think that’s missing the point and surely art and expression is all about doing it the way that works for the artist?

Amanda Lovelace completely puts herself out there. It’s so raw and truthful. Whether you hate the layout of the poetry you can’t deny the depth and feeling in the words she writes.

For someone like me, who has never been into poetry, this style of poetry writing is perfect. Reading this has made me want to read more poetry, and that’s impressive!

So give it a go. Give The Princess Saves Herself In This One a chance.


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