Non-fiction Books 

So this week I’m on holiday in Portugal and I’ve read a tonne of books (currently on book 12).

Of the books I’ve read 4 of them were non fiction. Of those 2 of them are now filled with post it’s marking particular passages or quotes that I liked/want to think more about.

The thing I struggle with is what to do with the information now I’ve marked it. In the past I’ve chosen to leave the post it’s in and go back through it from time to time OR sometimes I’ve written up all the notes but in all honesty that is a total trek that I can’t be bothered doing with every non fiction book I read.

I’m never going to just remember all the information in the books I read but I want some way of cataloging it so I can easily go back to it.

I would love to know what other people do when they read non-fiction books, so please help a girl out!


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