Gatecrashing by Brian and Tracy Healey

Gatecrashing: The Story of 24/7 Prayer in Ibiza. I reckon a lot of people would read that title and go “urgh a bunch of stuck up Christians sticking their noses in where people just want to have fun” which is perhaps an understandable thing to think. But they would be wrong.

This book is phenomenal. The work that this team have been doing in Ibiza is incredible.

They spend their nights doing shifts praying and shifts out on the streets helping the people who have drank too much, been left behind by friends or just need support. They don’t judge , they don’t preach. They worship God through their work and they love the people they meet.

It’s a really easy book to read, it’s simply written and it has so many stories woven into it that you don’t even notice you’ve read 200 pages and you’re done.

QUOTE: Winston Churchill – we aren’t judged by our actions we’re judged by our reactions



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