Favourite Children’s Book Series

1. The Roman Mysteries Series

– I think of all the series this is my favourite. It follows Flavia. Nubia, lupus, and Jonathan; 4 children who get up to all sorts of adventures around Rome. 

2. The Artemis Fowl Series

– If you’ve never read the Artemis Fowl series you are seriously missing out. Artemis Fowl is a criminal mastermind and he’s only 12. Together with his companion Butler he gets involved in the fairy world.

3. The Animal Ark Series

– Right these were the absolute best of the best when I was a kid. All the titles had alliteration and they followed a little girl who’s parents owned a vetinary clinic and she helped them take care of all the animals. 

4. The Famous Five Series

– Really I liked all Enid Blyton’s books but I think famous five were always my favourite. George, Anne, Julian, Dick and Timmy the dog, I was always so jealous of the adventures they got up to and the mysteries they solved.

5. Harry Potter

– I’m not going to go into this because well it’s Harry Potter and I flipping love it and I’m sure most of you do to!


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