YouTube Families. Recommendations.

So I am a sucker for the vlogs of the giant youtube families. You know the ones I mean? They have 7+ kids, half of them adopted and they are just one big happy family.

So I thought I would share a few of my favourite ones I like to watch and maybe you’ll become as obsessed as me!

This Gathered Nest: This was the first channel I got into watching. I absolutely love watching this family. They have two biological daughters followed by 2 boys and a girl all of whom are adopted and they’re currently pregnant with twin girls! I started watching these guys when they adopted Rosie from China and fell in love and I haven’t stopped watching since.

Knorpp and South: So this channel was recommended to me by a friend after an excited moment when we realised we both loved watching these kind of videos. These guys have 9 kids!!! 4 biological and 5 adopted from China and top it all off they are currently doing an RV tour around America, with all 9 kids!

Gardner Quad Squad: After struggling with infertility this family did IVF and ended up having quadruplets! Two sets of twin girls. I can’t even imagine the challenge, but I love watching the girls grow.

It’s A Buzz World: Meet the Busby’s, they have 6 kids, all girls. Five of them make up the only all girl quintuplets in America. I love the TV show of this family and their you tube channel is such a nice way to keep up with them.


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