April 21-23.

So this weekend I am part of a team running a youth weekend away. There are 40 of us going away and it’s going to be a beautiful mess.

If you are the praying sort then please pray for us. It’s a crazy mix of young people going and it’s certainly going to be interesting!

We’re going to have a crazy fun time as well as some bible teachings and seminars.

The theme of the weekend is : Who Do You Think You Are. It’s all about identity.

Identity is important to everyone on some level. There is a growing trend of ‘honesty’ in culture at the moment and people are trying to find the ‘real me’.

But if you’re a Christian then your identity should come from Jesus. We are created by a God who makes no mistakes and so the ‘real me’ is exactly as God planned. So I as me am enough.

Imagine what the world would look like if we all believed that?

Food for thought.


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