What I’ve Watched.


I Capture the Castle – I’ve loved this film for years and it was so nostalgic to watch it again. It’s a lovely adaptation of the book by Dodie Smith which is one of my favourites.


Girlboss – I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ve only watched a couple episodes so we’ll see!


I don’t even know where to begin, I have watched ALOT of documentaries recently.

Accidental Courtesy – this is INCREDIBLE. It follows Daryl Davis who is one incredible guy. He makes friends with members of the KKK and through those friendships their beliefs slowly change and some of them end up quitting the KKK!

Russell Brand:End the Drug War – I was never really sure what I thought of Russell Brand but this documentary gave me a new found respect for him. He uses personal experience and experts to give a concise look at what he thinks would help end the war on drugs.



Jon Olsson – I used to watch Jon’s vlogs but I fell behind. I’m 100 days behind and determined to catch up! His vlogs are seriously high quality and it’s like watching live art.

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