A Series of Unfortunate Events / Review

I’ve started reading the series again. It has to have been at least 10/12 years since I last read A Series Of Unfortunate Events and I’m not sure I even made it to the end of the series.

I loved the film that came out years ago and I really enjoyed the Netflix TV show and I am absolutely loving rereading the books.

Lemony Snicket as the narrator is brilliant. He goes beyond foreshadowing and straight up tells you who’s going to die later in each book, he doesn’t lull you into a false sense of security that maybe this time everything will end nicely for Violet, Klaus and Sunny and I (unlike alot of people it seems) love how he defines some of the more unusual words he uses.

Any child reading this book will learn new words and won’t just skip them because they don’t know what they mean, as someone passionate about encouraging young people to read more these are the perfect books!

In all honesty I cannot remember what happens in this series, but I can’t wait to find out!



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