How I’m Planning

For the past couple of years I’ve banged on and on about how much I love my bullet journal but in the past few months I’ve barely used it. I spent months feeling guilty about it and genuinely quite sad but I just didn’t enjoy it as much.

In the past few weeks I’ve got into the habit of using my filofax again, so far it seems to be working for me and I haven’t forgotten an appointment (yet). I’m really busy and every week looks different so I just can’t be bothered mapping it out nicely in a bullet journal. I’m hoping that one day I’ll get back into it but I’ve decided not to stress about it because what the heck does that achieve! My filofax is not a neat affair, but that also gives me the freedom to scribble things down and cross things out without getting annoyed because it isn’t neat!

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Currently Reading

I used to be one of those people who was only ever reading one book at a time. I never understood how people could read more than one book at once. Nowadays I always have at least 3 on the go and even more that I’ve started and forgotten about.

So I’m going to go through my Goodreads currently reading and see what I’m working my way through at the moment!

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Hello Again.

It has been a long time. Way longer than I expected to be away.

I’m all settled into my new flat (one month today since we moved in!) and we FINALLY have wifi (thanks for that Sky) so now that I have an unbelievably busy month coming up there seemed no better time to get back into the blogging malarkey..

So here goes..