To Be Finished..

In an effort to encourage myself to pick up the books on my TBF list I’m going to remind myself what they are and hopefully reignite my interest in them.

The Outrun – Amy Lipton

I heard good things about this book but I read a few pages and was not overly impressed, I don’t think I’ve given it much of a chance so I’m hoping to give it another go.

Binocular Vision – Edith Pearlman

This collection of short stories was just not my jam. I think I’m nearly finished which is why I want to pick it back up and get it done then I can donate it.

Moranthology – Caitlin Moran

I think the reason I put this down was just because I wasn’t in the mood for Caitlin’s writing at the time. Hopefully I’ll pick this back up at some point.

A Lineage of Grace: Five Stories of Unlikely Women Who Changed Eternity – Francine Rivers

I’ve read this book before and I really want to pick it back up. I was in a very different place the last time I read this book so I think it would be really interesting to pick it back up again now.

The Liberating Truth: How the Gospel of Christ Empowers and Liberates Women – Danielle Strickland

I think I’ve half read this book at least 3 times and I’ve loved everything I’ve read so far, I’m hoping to get back to this one really soon.

Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body – Sara Pascoe

I think I might be the only person who hadn’t heard of Sara Pascoe before picking up this book. Even my mum knew all about her! I’m not usually into comedy but I am looking forward to getting more into this one.

Dethroning Mammon: Making Money Serve Grace: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2017 – Justin Welby

I’m a big fan of the Archbishop Justin Welby, I have an awful lot of respect for the man. This is his first full length book and I want to read everything he writes so it only makes sense to read this!

The Sex Myth: Why Everything We’re Told Is Wrong – Brooke Magnanti

I picked this up for when I went down to London a couple months ago but then I bought books when I was there and this got pushed to the bottom of the pile.


What books have you started and then put down for no good reason?


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