Magazines. I go through stages where I buy magazines, and stages where I don’t really go anywhere near them.

Recently, if I’m honest since I banned myself from buying books, I’ve been way more into them.

National Geographic: I’ve only read a couple of editions but the content is top quality. The articles are really varied but easy to understand and the photography is incredible.

Bust: “For women with something to get off their chests” – have you ever heard a better title for a magazine? This is a feminist magazine and it is so refreshing to read a magazine for women that doesn’t talk about weight loss, anti-aging and meaningless gossip.

Simple Things: I’ve been buying this magazine on and off for a year or so now and I think it’s my favourite magazine ever. It’s beautiful and cosy and good fun to read. I’ve just got a subscription for this one and I can’t wait for my copy to come through the door!

Oh Comely: This magazine is a piece of art, it’s the perfect magazine for flicking through when you’re bored.

Ideal Home: I love home decor magazines and this one is my ultimate favourite. It makes me want to redecorate my entire flat every time I read it.



My TBR Challenge.

So today I had a day off and no energy to function in the outside world. I had the flat to myself so I decided to do a task I had wanted to do for ages but wanted peace and quiet to achieve. Putting all my books into a spreadsheet. Exciting right?

Two hours after beginning I was done and ready to drench up faint memories of spreadsheet calculations and find out some stuff.

Thing I Found Out No. 1

I currently own 459 books. Which is insane and unnecessary. This number has the potential to go up or down as I discover books I missed and get rid of books I don’t want any more. I also own 5 copies of The Secret Garden. Let that one sink in.


Things I Found Out No. 2*

I’ve read 239 of those 459 books. That leaves 160 unread and 31 part read. That’s a lot of books I’ve not finished. So my official TBR pile is around 191 books. ABSOLUTE MADNESS.


Things I Found Out No. 3*

My 459 books can be split into 307 fiction, 110 non fiction, 6 poetry books and 6 plays or screenplays.

* If you are a particularly clever cookie you’ll notice that the numbers in these questions don’t add up to 459 and that is because of books I own which I have multiples of and creating a way to add those into the equation for my calculations was complicated and quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered.


So, on to the challenge.

I Katherine, on this day the 3rd of September vow not to buy any more books until my TBR is under 100 books. This does not include books I get given as a gift or spending book vouchers I may get for my birthday/Christmas.

I know I will live to regret this decision but having nearly 200 unfinished books on my shelf is ridiculous and something has to be done.

And with that I’m off to read some books!





So you may or may not have noticed but over the past couple of months I’ve not really posted much at all. I’ve stopped or reduced doing a lot of things recently, and it was only this week that I realised why. I’m done in. Completely shattered. I need a break.

I work three jobs, all of which I love and all of which I’m very lucky to have but I haven’t had a week off all of them at the same time since April and I’ve had a crazy busy, emotionally and physically draining summer.

On Monday I met up with a friend/mentor and had a good natter/moan about what was going on. We were getting to the end when she asked me why I’d texted to meet up, she asked whether it was about a particular issue we’d just been discussing. I thought about it and realised it wasn’t because of that issue it was because I just didn’t feel okay. Now this friend is very smart and said something along the lines of “you seem very tired and right on the edge of emotion and complete shut down”. It summed it up beautifully for me.

So this weekend I took time off. All day Saturday and Sunday with no work. I never get two days off in a row on an average week and this feels wonderful. I got 11 hours sleep last night! I’ve also booked a week off at the end of September from all of my jobs so I can get a proper break. And I am so excited.

I guess I’m writing this because I want to remind anyone reading of something I hadn’t thought about. There might be a reason why things seem harder, you aren’t able to do the amount you usually do, you haven’t done your hair, makeup or worn anything other than leggings and a big t-shirt for a month and just feel meh. And one of the possible reasons is exhaustion. So after working out whether your period is due (common cause of all these symptoms) and before going on web MD to diagnose yourself maybe consider whether you’ve actually been looking after yourself recently. And if the answer is no, then START!