So you may or may not have noticed but over the past couple of months I’ve not really posted much at all. I’ve stopped or reduced doing a lot of things recently, and it was only this week that I realised why. I’m done in. Completely shattered. I need a break.

I work three jobs, all of which I love and all of which I’m very lucky to have but I haven’t had a week off all of them at the same time since April and I’ve had a crazy busy, emotionally and physically draining summer.

On Monday I met up with a friend/mentor and had a good natter/moan about what was going on. We were getting to the end when she asked me why I’d texted to meet up, she asked whether it was about a particular issue we’d just been discussing. I thought about it and realised it wasn’t because of that issue it was because I just didn’t feel okay. Now this friend is very smart and said something along the lines of “you seem very tired and right on the edge of emotion and complete shut down”. It summed it up beautifully for me.

So this weekend I took time off. All day Saturday and Sunday with no work. I never get two days off in a row on an average week and this feels wonderful. I got 11 hours sleep last night! I’ve also booked a week off at the end of September from all of my jobs so I can get a proper break. And I am so excited.

I guess I’m writing this because I want to remind anyone reading of something I hadn’t thought about. There might be a reason why things seem harder, you aren’t able to do the amount you usually do, you haven’t done your hair, makeup or worn anything other than leggings and a big t-shirt for a month and just feel meh. And one of the possible reasons is exhaustion. So after working out whether your period is due (common cause of all these symptoms) and before going on web MD to diagnose yourself maybe consider whether you’ve actually been looking after yourself recently. And if the answer is no, then START!


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