My TBR Challenge.

So today I had a day off and no energy to function in the outside world. I had the flat to myself so I decided to do a task I had wanted to do for ages but wanted peace and quiet to achieve. Putting all my books into a spreadsheet. Exciting right?

Two hours after beginning I was done and ready to drench up faint memories of spreadsheet calculations and find out some stuff.

Thing I Found Out No. 1

I currently own 459 books. Which is insane and unnecessary. This number has the potential to go up or down as I discover books I missed and get rid of books I don’t want any more. I also own 5 copies of The Secret Garden. Let that one sink in.


Things I Found Out No. 2*

I’ve read 239 of those 459 books. That leaves 160 unread and 31 part read. That’s a lot of books I’ve not finished. So my official TBR pile is around 191 books. ABSOLUTE MADNESS.


Things I Found Out No. 3*

My 459 books can be split into 307 fiction, 110 non fiction, 6 poetry books and 6 plays or screenplays.

* If you are a particularly clever cookie you’ll notice that the numbers in these questions don’t add up to 459 and that is because of books I own which I have multiples of and creating a way to add those into the equation for my calculations was complicated and quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered.


So, on to the challenge.

I Katherine, on this day the 3rd of September vow not to buy any more books until my TBR is under 100 books. This does not include books I get given as a gift or spending book vouchers I may get for my birthday/Christmas.

I know I will live to regret this decision but having nearly 200 unfinished books on my shelf is ridiculous and something has to be done.

And with that I’m off to read some books!




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